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How does Sponsoring a Gateway Giveaway Work?

HighKey Clout manages celebrity influencer Giveaways. Celebrity Influencer giveaways follow three simple steps:

      1. One, or several, Gateway Celebrity Influencers promote the Giveaway with multiple posts on their Instagram feed, Instagram Live, and Instagram Story.


      2. Influencer asks their followers to go to @gateway on Instagram and follow all accounts we follow to enter into the Giveaway.


    3. By sponsoring the Giveaway YOU will be one of the accounts that @gateway follows on Instagram during the Giveaway.
What Type of People Enter Gateway Giveaways?
Entrants vary depending on the Influencer promoting the particular Giveaway. Gateway focuses on North American Giveaways, where Entrants must be residents of the United States and 18+ years of age (or above the age of majority in their state). This ensures the most relevant and niche-accurate entrants to suit your brand.
How Long are Gateway Giveaways?
Gateway Giveaways typically run for 5 days. Giveaway winners are announced on the @gateway Instagram story one day after Giveaway concludes.
What is Gateway?
Gateway is a Social Media Growth Company.

The word ‘Gateway’ embodies the world that we will open for you. This gateway opens new doors into the digital world. All of our companies are about bringing mass awareness to a brand, movement, or person.

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